Global Water Partnership (GWP)


Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships for Improved Water Governance Programme

Clean water for all!

GWP sought to broaden their reach, add visual variety to their social media profile and report design, and appeal to key strategic partners, the donor community and the wider development community. Aligned with these goals, we created a compelling and consistently branded report with a comprehensive package of digital assets, including the sourcebook design and layout, videos, infographics and press briefings.

Branding | Layout | Learning | Information design

An identity that brings water governance to life

Our collaboration resulted in a branded website, report and suite of social media assets that GWP deployed to launch and promote the Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships programme.


The products of this project included data-driven infographics, dynamic short videos, press briefings and a consistent visual identity that ran throughout the launch campaign.

The full package from writing and concept to design

This project and its final package enhanced awareness of key Sustainable Development Goal themes and provided GWP with a versatile set of communications assets to support their marketing and promotional activities for the next 12 months and beyond.


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