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We help development organisations and for profit for good companies create the right content to get the right people to do the right thing. 

From creating impactful reports to reporting on-the-ground impact, we help our clients showcase the good that they do.



With over two decades of experience, our translation services guarantee precision and quality. Each translation undergoes a meticulous process involving two separate native-speaking linguists to ensure the consistency and clarity of your message, terminology and impact.

In addition, our expertise extends to video transcription and subtitling, guided by comprehensive in-house protocols. These guidelines encompass the audience’s experience, dialogue rhythm and tone, reading speed, amount of information on-screen, shot changes and more. Trust us for accurate, nuanced and culturally relevant linguistic solutions.

Elevate your visual identity and narrative through our versatile design team, experts in crafting impactful solutions for the international development, humanitarian aid and profit for good sectors. From comprehensive web development to nuanced multilingual layout, dynamic branding to strategic social media, we’ve got every facet covered.

Our specialists excel in information design, transforming complex spreadsheets into compelling infographics that resonate globally. Additionally, our skilled illustrators breathe life into pages, ensuring your message captivates and inspires. Trust us to transform your ideas into visually stunning, culturally resonant designs that leave a lasting impact.

Our video production team can help bring your content to life. We deliver a range of video services, including micro- and long-form documentaries, on-the-ground coverage and photography for events and projects, animations, short-form social media content, and public service announcements and special messages.

Our experienced in-house team can take care of everything, from planning, coordinating, scripting and storyboarding for filming on location to working with existing footage, editing, colour and audio correction, music selection and all your post-production needs.

Our global network of local film-makers are active in over 20 countries on 5 continents and are seasoned experts at engaging with local narratives and the context of the communities you serve.

Our communications specialists act as a natural extension of your team to create a unique communications strategy, campaign or editorial calendar for your project or organisation. This service integrates with our wider offering to provide end-to-end solutions that encompass design, video, translation and content writing.

We offer a variety of individual communications services, such as research, campaign planning, media engagement, and support for events and fundraising. We provide opportunities for paid, shared and earned media with networks of experienced journalists, influencers and ambassadors.

We have written, copy-edited and proofread over 3,000 publications and reports for international development and humanitarian aid organisations. You can rely on us to ensure your content is ready to go public.

We distil your research, data or report into key messages, summaries, articles, blogs, social media captions and press releases to reach broader audiences. Our team of writers and editors are well-versed in United Nations style guides and terminologies. The in-house team will carry out a thorough review of your project, checking for accuracy, style, punctuation, grammar, consistency and readability.

Our advisory team works with clients to create innovative solutions to development issues. From helping clients understand the policy implications of technology to developing locally-appropriate solutions that leverage AI, our team of expert advisers combine knowledge of the local context with global expertise.



Dr Fola Yahaya

CEO & Founder | AI whizz

Maria Janum

Photographer | Creative Director

Sam Callis

Head of Media | Filmmaker

Konstantinos Chatzitherodorou


Gerald Clark

Head of Operations

Olivia Melluish

Resource manager

Lai Yahaya

Head of Advisory | Public policy expert

Katherine Russell

Credit Controller

Julia Spaeth

Senior Project manager

Angela Cortile

Project manager

Zoraya Van de Perre

Project manager

Kanyinsola Kongi

Project manager

Liam Neville

Marketing manager | Strategist

Joe Thorpe

Social media manager

Jessica Powell

Graphic Designer | Animator

Amina Khurram

Graphic Designer | DTP Expert

Aurelie Sanchez

Graphic Designer | DTP Expert

Darcy Bush

Graphic Designer | DTP Expert


Graphic Designer | DTP Expert

Joe Endusin

Videographer and Drone Expert

Vincent Ghersin

French Team Lead

Antoine Areny

Senior French Translator & Editor

Alex Dardjimanova

French Translator & Editor

Philippe Le Duff

French Translator & Editor

Ornella Dagba

French Translator & Editor

Chloe Browne

English Team Lead

Gabriel Polley

English Editor | Writer

Xain Storey

English Editor | Writer

Lauren Harper

English Editor

Liyana Aini

English Editor

Cristina Rivier

Spanish Team Lead

Paula Godínez Sanchiz

Senior Spanish Translator & Editor

Felipe Pulido Rodriguez

Spanish Translator & Editor

Soher Fakhry

Senior Arabic Translator & Editor

Amy Chaplin

Bid manager

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