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African GreenTec Solar Farm Installation

A new lifeline for rural Madagascar

Sustainable Energy for All (SEforAll) is an international organisation that supports communities to implement affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy initiatives in line with Sustainable Development Goal 7. In February 2024, our film team travelled to Madagascar to shoot a collection of films for SEforAll to showcase the impact of solar grids on communities, in a country where only 25% of the population have access to electricity.

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Filming amid an energy crisis

SEforAll supplied the rural town of Mahavelona with a solar farm in July 2022 and they have since benefited from a reliable electricity supply to houses and businesses, significantly fewer power cuts, and working street lights.  

Success in Mahavelona led to the installation of a solar grid in nearby town Mahasolo. 

We documented the transformation of the two towns, aiming to garner more support for SEforAll’s work in Madagascar and across the continent.

Having produced stories for clients across the developing world, our filmmakers Sam and Joseph and photographer Maria were prepared for the unique challenges of filming in remote locations and capturing the impact of development work.

Local knowledge and local stories

SEforALL wanted the films to show more than just the installation of solar panels. This project was about the impact that reliable and sustainable electricity has on communities who depend on traditional fuels, candlelight and generators. Our production team interviewed 40 people, ranging from charcoal sellers to the town mayor.

The Filmmaking Process

We organised visas and vaccinations, lined up accommodation and drivers, and ensured access to clean water and adequate sanitation upon arrival. With the help of a local production team, we arranged for portable solar panels so we could charge equipment and cook, eliminating any barriers to creativity.

We connected with Madagascan drone flyer Najaina. Najaina speaks the Malagasy language and is local to the project towns. Najaina taught us local customs and common phrases, guided our interactions with local communities, and helped to create culturally sensitive films.

Drone flyer Najaina captured a high altitude perspective of the project area and surrounding communities. This perspective highlighted the rich and varied landscape, emphasising the importance of protecting the country’s biodiversity through sustainable energy initiatives.

To achieve compelling films, our team shot interviews with multiple cameras and angles, including establishing shots, mid-shots, roving close-ups and more. Our filmmakers combined cinematic drone shots with intimate details produced by hand-held cutaways, creating varied films moving across timelines.

"My time in Madagascar was a testament to the power of perspective, as I learned to appreciate the richness of life beyond material wealth and embrace the beauty of simplicity and resilience."

- Joseph Edunsin (Filmmaker)

"The big challenge of filming was capturing the resilience of people living with limited access to electricity and sanitation in the most honest, compelling way possible. As filmmakers, it's our responsibility to ensure their voices are heard"

- Sam (Producer and Filmmaker)

Najaina is one of our international network of local filmmakers, photographers and creatives, active in 20+ countries on 4 continents

Film as a force for change in a developing world

This collaboration with drone flyer Najaina is an example of our wider push to learn from creative voices in the developing world. 

We sculpt stories for our clients to showcase the tangible impact of their work in communities, on-the-ground.

Our team has a variety of skills to offer including filmmaking, photography, animation, graphic design, writing and editing, social media content and strategy, translation and more.

We can help you get the right people to take action. 




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