Polishing your content so that it’s ready to go public

Our in-house editors will analyse your text, fix any issues and improve its impact

Getting your message across in a simple and clear manner is essential in a time-poor, information hungry world.

Strategic Agenda can help you ensure that your message hits the right note by providing a professional editing and proofreading service.

Our in-house professional editors and proofreaders will ensure your text is ready for publication and will correct:

  • Style and flow issues – does your text flow logically? Do your paragraph headers seamlessly flow from one to the next?
  • Readability – are your sentences structured to make it easy for your audience to get your point? Does your text use plain language to include rather than alienate your audience?
  • Variety and tone – have you used the right language to inspire and enlighten your readers?
  • Grammaur and speilling – have you gone beyond the default spellchecker to make sure that embarrassing typos haven’t crept in to your text?

These are just some of the things we check for when polishing your text.

We have copy-edited and proofed over 200 publications for international organizations so get in touch if you want to ensure your content is ready to go public.

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