Copy editing a report for a UN organization

The brief

Strategic Agenda were asked to copy-edit and proofread 40 papers written by some of the brightest African economists on “Addressing Poverty and Inequality in the Post 2015 Development Agenda” in time to be published for an upcoming conference.

Our approach

Our editorial team has extensive experience and interest in inequality and economic development in Africa so this was a perfect project.

As usual we began by discussing with the client:

  • The audience for the publication (academics or the general public?)
  • Agreeing a common style guide with the client – in this case using the extensive UN Editorial Guidelines.
  • How much scope we had to restructure the texts (machete or feather duster? ;-))
  • Whether we could contact authors to discuss any unclear sections
  • Timelines (as usual they wanted it yesterday)

Armed with this info we completed the project ahead of schedule and on budget.

Sample pages

  • Date July 13, 2017
  • Tags Editing and proofreading